Refund Policy

We are committed to providing exceptional value and support to all our clients. However, we acknowledge that our services may not be a perfect fit for everyone under all circumstances. If you wish to request a refund, please reach out to us. We kindly request that you adhere to the following conditions outlined in our refund policy:

Eligibility for Refund Request:

  1. Your refund request is made within the initial 7 days of your original purchase of our coaching services.
  2. Upon engaging with our services, you find that they do not align with the descriptions provided.
  3. You encounter issues that hinder your ability to utilize our coaching services effectively, which we are unable to resolve.
  4. If your challenges stem from difficulty in implementing our strategies or utilizing our services, we will consider your refund request.
  5. You have contacted our support team and given us the opportunity to address your concerns or have provided detailed explanations as to why our services do not meet your needs.
  6. You agree to discontinue and cease using our services upon the approval of your refund request.

Refunds will be granted at our discretion. By engaging with our coaching services, you acknowledge and accept our refund policy, relinquishing any rights to contest it through questioning, judgment, or legal actions. We shall not be held responsible for discrepancies resulting from fluctuations in exchange rates between the time of purchase and the refund issuance.

Ineligibility for Refund Request:

  1. You have utilized our coaching services after accessing them.
  2. Our services did not meet your personal expectations or preferences.
  3. You have experienced a change of heart regarding your decision to engage with our services.
  4. The engagement with our services was accidental or mistaken.
  5. You lack the necessary expertise or experience to fully benefit from our coaching services.
  6. You assert your entitlement to a refund without providing adequate reasoning.
  7. Inability to access our services due to their removal (we strongly recommend downloading any relevant materials promptly after purchase to prevent such occurrences).